Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last details!

As much as I cannot believe it... we leave for Mexico in DAYS! Some last minute details (but crucial details) to share:

Starting Tuesday, if you need to reach us, please use the following number: 1-215-667-8788. Please note - we HIGHLY recommend turning your cell phone off in Mexico. The data roaming charges are very high.

Driving directions (from the Cancun Airport)
  • From the airport take route 307 South (towards Tulum, Playa Del Carmen)
  • You will stay on route 307 all the way to Akumal
  • Depending on traffic, plan for 1 hr - 1 hr & 45min travel time
  • As you approach Akumal, the last large all-inclusive resort on your left will be Sirenis.
  • You will go under a pedestrian overpass and an automotive overpass.
  • You will want to take a left at the intersection, but you must go beyond the intersection and then make a U-turn at teh "retourno" just down the road.
  • Double back and then turn right onto the Akumal access road next to the automotive overpass.
  • Go down the road, under the arch, then bear left onto the main road.
  • Go about a mile.
  • Stay on teh main road, which makes a couple of bends to teh left towards the end.
  • You will see the public enterance to Yal Ku lagoon directly in front of you.
  • The romero complex is immediately to the right of the public enterance
  • Drive into the driveway
  • You've made it!
Groceries & Supplies -
If you're planning on grabbing some groceries, we suggest you do it in Playa del Carmen, rather that Akumal. Akumal does have a small grocery store, but the prices will be better in PDC.

In PDC the easiest grocery store to get to is "Soriana" in the central maya mall on teh right side at the far end of PDC, opposite of Sam's Club.

See you soon!!!!! K&B

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One small month to go!

Unbelievably there's just one month until the big day. Yes, in one month we will be "the Murphy's", "mr. & mrs."...married! So what's this mean to you?

1. You should have sent your RSVP card in by now. And, if you're part of the cool crowd who's heading down for the trip - it should be marked "happily accepts".
2. You should expect to receive an email from me in the next week with additional details about the location, what to expect at the Cancun airport, and other pertinent details.
3. You should start stocking up on sunscreen and light-weight clothes - it's gonna be hot down there!
4. You should be be thrilled that Nancy & Rick Watson are hosting a sunset cruise in Playa Del Carmen on Thursday, July 1...more details to come. Oh, you're invited to it!
5. If you had to check "regretfully declines", you should know that we completely understand that it's quite the financial committment to head down to Mexico, and we still love you. Don't worry, there will be 100's of pictures that we will show you.

We're so excited. So looking forward to seeing everyone in Mexico. So looking forward to an amazing evening on July 3!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Months to Go!

It's true - time flies, even during a long engagement like ours. We're getting so excited for the big day, which is about two months away right now. You should be receiving your invite in the mail in the upcoming days. We wanted to take the chance to answer a few questions you may have once you receive your invite...
1. Why are you getting married in Mexico?
As you most likely know, Brian and I met in Australia. When we were looking at locations, we knew we wanted to bring our wedding to a destination, and a tropical destination at that. We also loved the idea of being able to take a vacation with our closest family and friends. Finally, we've never been to Mexico and wanted to have a place that we could continue to go back to to re-live our wedding day!
2. Is Akumal safe?
Yes! We know there's always information in the news about Mexico being dangerous, let us assure you - we did not choose a dangerous location for our wedding! The problems in Mexico are isolated in the North (much closer to the US border). We'll be surrounded by higher end vacation spots.
3. If I decide to come to the wedding, when should I plan on arriving?
You can plan to arrive anytime, however we would recommend flying in at least a day ahead of time. When you book your flight, we'd love for you to send us your details so we can keep track of everyone. Brian and I will be in Mexico from Sunday, June 27 - Tuesday, July 6.
4. Which airport do I fly into?
Cancun International is the closest airport. From there you'll either want to rent a car, or grab a shuttle to your accommodations.
5. Where should I stay?
As this is a smaller wedding, and we are not staying in a hotel, we did not book out a block of rooms anywhere. Instead, depending on how long of a trip your planning on taking, we'd love to suggest some options. If you're planning on staying for more than 3 days, we'd suggest looking into one of the condos available on Specifically search in the Akumal area. For those of you staying for a shorter period (or who just prefer to stay in a hotel) - there are hotels in Akumal, and many resorts/hotels in Playa del Carmen (15 - 20 minute car ride from Akumal). Luckily we're going in the off season, so there are some great rates to be found! If you need any help finding somewhere to stay - please don't hesitate to call/email us.
6. What should I wear, is this thing on a beach?
For the wedding/reception we'd prefer you dress in beach cocktail attire. We'd rather not have anyone in jeans or shorts. The rest of the week - it's gonna be hot, we're guessing you'll be in a swimsuit :)

We're so thrilled that the wedding is quickly approaching! Looking forward to seeing you in Mexico!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mexico - Safety Concerns?

So obviously when Brian and I were researching destinations for our destination wedding, we had several criteria. We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm, that travel costs should be similar for everyone who planned to come, that we could rent a home (rather than stay in hotels), and let everyone have a vacation while coming to our wedding. Oh, and we also looked at safety. When we first started looking at Mexico the lovely swine flu was rising. Once again, folks were panicked about heading south of the border (although, really - you can catch that thing anywhere). Now the latest news from the US Government's newest travel warning for Mexico is out. And what does it say? Good news! They're not concerned about the resort towns, only specifically concerned with towns that border the US (pretty much the exact opposite of where we'll be). For additional details, I encourage you to check out this article from the Seattle Times (with link to the US Government advisory) ...So no excuses about the safety folks! We'll see you in Mexico :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Months & Counting!

Time is flying! We're exactly 5 months out from the wedding right now. As you plan your trip, just wanted to provide a quick reminder - make sure you get your passport in motion now. Here's how you can get started:
Hope this helps and is a good reminder for everyone! Get ready for another stamp in your passport!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Krystle & Brian's Wedding - Review of Details

We're nearing the 5 months out mark and save the dates are going out this week - so thought it might be nice to do a quick review, for folks looking for an all up view of the details.
- We're not booking group flights or anything like that, as we're sure people will want to stay for different amounts of time.
- Make sure you fly into Cancun - it's the closest airport to Akumal
- If you're planning on doing travelling other than to Akumal, rent a car...otherwise, if you're just staying in Akumal - no need to. Just hop in a shared van, one recommended provider is: You can even reserve online if you'd like.

- Pretty much all types of hotels, B&B's, condos, all inclusives, and hostels are available in or near Akumal. Check out our earlier post for specifics on hotels, condos, and all inclusives.
- If you're looking to stay in a bigger city, Playa Del Carmen is 15 - 20 minutes away and has the bigger, brand name hotels (Marriots, Hiltons, etc.). Just remember that you'll need to find some transportation to the wedding. (Taxis and collectivos are easy to hail)
- If you stay in Akumal, everything is less than a mile apart, so you won't need to worry about getting around.

- Akumal is about an hour South of Cancun, away from the giant resorts and crazy amounts of tourists.
- Known for snorkelling and diving, there's pristine beaches with reefs that are a short swim from shore.
- Also within a short drive/taxi ride are the Tulum ruins and many cenotes (caves for diving).
- There are little restaurants, shops, and places to grab a drink along the beaches of Akumal.
- The wedding party is staying at the Romero Compound - located on a lagoon. Typically people need to pay to use the lagoon, with the exception of those staying on a private property, so feel free to come by for a swim in the lagoon or one of the pools!

The wedding/reception:
- The wedding is on Saturday, July 3 at 5:30pm at Casa Romero
- Dinner, drinks and dancing will follow at the same location
- Dress is beach cocktail - we'd prefer no jeans, shorts, or flip flops for the ceremony... however we do understand it's Mexico, in the summer - so feel free to get more comfortable for the reception.

Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we can ask for, however - for those who have asked - we are registered at Crate & Barrel and at Macy's .
When we're closer to the date, I'll provide the phone number to where the bridal party will be staying, along with more details (as they become avialable). If you have any other questions, please shoot us an email or leave a comment and we'll get back to you!

So looking forward to our wedding and seeing everyone in Mexico!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Akumal Details

For those of you wondering about Akumal - had a chance to catch up with the owner of the villa, he passed along a great map.

Everything from Akumal Bay to Yal-Ku Lagoon is a total distance of 1 mile. A few key points of interest on the map:
  • Yal Ku Lagoon: This is where the Romero compound is, and where the Watsons, Murphys, and bridal party will be staying. There's great snorkelling in this calm water lagoon.
  • Half Moon Bay: Great sandy beach with snorkeling and two beachfront restaurants
  • Akumal Bay: More sandy beach, snorkeling, this is where the turtles go to nest (great chances of seeing at least one!), and several restaurants
  • Turtle Bay Cafe: This is the cafe our wedding planner owns. It's well known for some delish breakfasts and goodies!
As you can tell from the map, we're about an hour away from Cancun (which means to plan for an hour travel time from the airport).